40 thoughts on “Blitz night sleepover

  1. Hello year 4.
    Hope everyone is enjoying themselves.
    I am super proud of all of you year 4’s
    Also your super teacher for giving you the opportunity for this experience. It’s really interesting to read all your comments.

    Have Fun.

  2. How lucky are you children? I can remember sleeping in school with my class years ago and it was great fun. The photographs tell me a lot but I really love reading your opinions. Have fun and be respectful.

  3. I felt frightind because miss Ahmed was closing the tent and I was sceard .

    I am happy to sleep at school for the first time! Destiny would not be quiet but is funny

  4. During blitz night ,so far I felt really really good . I am
    really looking forward to watching goodnight Mr Tom
    With carrot cookies.

  5. I have enjoyed doing every single activeitie the noise that goes neeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooo like a police syron wich scares me and miss is annoying me by drinking coke p.s angry and jealous :(

  6. I am feeling so happy we had so much fun we made delocalises carrots cake and we also done is that we have to straw into a ball it was so fun we even made some diary entry’s is so nice.

  7. So far , I have completed the cooking , blow football and writing activity ; out of all the activities , the cooking one has been the most exciting . I’m looking forward to watching good night Mr tom while having cookies and hot chocolate.

  8. I felt very excited when I arrived because the minute I come I already had a feeling it was going to be fun and it is.
    I am looking forward to watch the movie

  9. I am super excited to play games and watch a world war 2 movie.i think they felt sad however I would feel scared if I was in world war 2.

  10. By zaid and Dylan
    During blits night if a siren rang we all had to run into the shelter so we were safe.If
    People were still outside the shelter they would of got bomed therefore they went to the shelter.we had two fun games air football,snakes and ladders.The best activity was air football.For exit ent we played duck duck goose.we miss you.

  11. During blitz night we have done some activities, when the air aid noises started we all felt worried because you don’t no what to do.The activities were fun we had cookies and hot chocolate.we are so happy we can’t wait an til we watch the film and have hot chocolate and cookies

  12. I feel very nervous because I have left my lovely people like my mom,dad,grandad
    and my best dog.
    I’m excite because we will be watching the film.

  13. (Now I am on the blog)however I have wrote a postcard about being an evacuee.we written a letter to are parents pretending we realy missed are parents
    And we get to play blow football with a straw and make carrot cake cookies by Dawson and Bukumi

  14. I am very excited because we are doing a lot of funThings like blow football
    Making carrot cookies also I can’t wait to watch a movies and drink hot chocolate

  15. During blitz nights, we had so much fun such as playing a game of Duck duck goose . I Am looking forward to blow football and making yummy and scrumptious carrots cookies which they had during world war under the air raid shelter.
    Has an and Gautam

  16. I am excited for the Blitz night.The best part I am looking forward to is blow football as children can only bring small games.During Blitz night in Broad Heath,I can’t wait until I eat some scrumptious carrot cookies!We have practiced going into the air raid shelter when the siren is on.Also we will going to send postcards to our families like are World War One children.But most of all the sleepover of course!
    From omio and jay

  17. We like doing the activities like making carret cookies and blow football.When we here the siren sound we have to carefully walk in to the big blue and white tent.we can also write a letter and play beet and drive.also we can play snakes and ladders.we are most excited for when we make the carret cookies.
    From Bailey and Tiya

  18. During Blitz night, so far I have practiced doing our Air Alarm. I am looking
    forward to make delicious carrot cookies and playing Air Football.I feel excited

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