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Blog Redesign

In the near future the blog will be changing. Though everything will be the same, it will look very different.

The main changes with the blog are making it a lot more modern and appealing to look at and browse through. This will also support mobile devices.

Here’s whats to come

Our current (old) blog:

The new blog:

What has changed?

Well, almost everything!

Key things like the main menu has moved whereas the right hand menu has stayed in the same place.

Main Menu changes

The main menu is now located at the top of your screen. This menu will also follow you as you scroll through the blog so you can also get back to the homepage with ease.

Right Menu changes

This menu has stayed the same but with a few visual changes to make it look even more attractive.

How do I use it?

Logging in:



Finding websites we use for learning

Instead of being on the left side of the website, it is now at the bottom of the page of the homepage.



If you see any bugs or issues with the new design, please comment below.

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