If you would like your workbooks from this academic year, they will be available for collection between 1pm and 3pm on  Monday 13th July.

Any books not collected will not be retained by school.If the weather is fine these will be collected from tables outside the classroom, if the weather is rainy, these can be collected from the classroom or lean to (one family at a time).

In the event of bad weather, Year 3 and Year 5 books will be collected from the studio.

Please bring a bag to carry your books home.

This will also be an opportunity to say thank you and farewell to your teachers. We will need to keep hold of some books, so don’t worry if you’re not given all your books.

Please can you make sure that all reading/library books are returned.

35 responses to “Book Collection – Monday 1:00PM – 3:00PM”

  1. Saira S.

    Can I give my books on 1st September because mr Rawlings let me keep my books

    1. Head Teacher

      Don’t understand what you are asking, we will sort Tuesday with Mr Rawlings if you speak to him.

  2. Rhema E.

    My mom has already collected my work books

  3. Lucas R.

    My mum can’t make it today. Is there another time she can collect my books please.

    1. Head Teacher

      Please can she collect to morrow?..we need to clear so we can clean please and them collecting ASAP.Thanks.
      MRS F

      1. Lucas R.

        Thankyou mums collecting this morning .

  4. Saee N.

    I don’t need any books

  5. Saifullah K.


  6. Rayyana M.

    I will come with my big sister 😁

  7. Aaminah A.

    Me and my brother will come to collect our books on Monday 13 July.

  8. Francesca L.


  9. Bayleigh M.


  10. Bethany M.

    Ok thanks I love reading books πŸ“–πŸ““πŸ“”πŸ“•

  11. Zainullah S.


  12. Zahra D.

    Ok I will send the book πŸ“š

  13. Raeesa M.

    Okay thank you for the update

  14. Oluwaduminu S.


  15. Umar S.


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