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I  have set some children a reading review about their current reading book. I would like to see if you could all write a book review and think about the problem and resolution. Remember to include the title of the book, author and how you would rate the book for other children to read next time.  I look forward to reading these and sharing them with your friends.

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  1. The name of my book is ” Helpful Harry” and it is published by a company called Macmillan Education Ltd.I really liked this book because it was fun and intersting, however, I found the end of the book a bit boring.
    This story had a problem which was when Harry did bad things such as making the floor wet and dirty,feeding the fish a whole packet of chocolate biscuits ,mixing Mums powder , scent , soapflakes and some cornflakes.
    Also this story had a resolution which was when his baby sister fell down the hill in the park but luckily Harry saved her. This is when he was helpful. Finally , this book is very good and recommend it for other children who love reading about kid’s funny life.

  2. NAME:The monster in the wardrobe
    Author:Paul shipton
    Illustrated:Chris Smedley
    The monster was going to eat Luke and Carolyn.
    Then Carolyn was ripping the pages out of the book then the monster disappeared.

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