Book week in 6 Red – The Island

6 Red have been reading the Island by Armin Greder this week. The book has provided some fantastic discussion about immigration, xenophobia and equality. It has tied into our work about British Values and we have explored the idea of ‘respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’.

This book has also got some outstanding art work and has inspired the children to create their own artwork for a cartoon. Please see our whole class piece below.

7 thoughts on “Book week in 6 Red – The Island

  1. Wow! What incredible work 6red. Even as individuals, we all live on our own mini ‘islands’ so it is important that we let people in…or we would always be alone. The more we share what we have, the more friends we will have if we ever find ourselves needing help. I am so impressed with your mature and thoughtful work :-)

  2. Keep it up Year 6. I loved the video and specially the cartoon characters. WELL DONE. We are all proud of the work you have imagined has all went you work of masterpiece. Good Job💎

  3. I have enjoyed learning about the book called the island because although it is a short book, it has a big moral to it,the moral is you must treat everyone with respect.Also,I have enjoyed this week because all the class worked as a team to create a fantastic display and cartoon,the topics we have covered are topics we have never done before and I had a great time learning about the island!

  4. Frightening yet compelling. The quality of what you have produced is outstanding!!
    The cartoon is well presented and makes one think. This is a super piece of work.

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