2 Red Book Week Part 2

Well, the children in 2 Red have voted.  Book Week has been a great success!  Amongst other activities, we have shared our story ‘The Egg’ and acted out various parts. We have also discussed and written about the characters, their feelings and the setting. 

Take a look below to discover some of the learning that took place towards the end of the week.

Well done 2 Red! You are fantastic and have made a brilliant start to Year 2!

Making a healthy potion to give the dragon energy.

Designing and then painting eggs and dragons. Predicting and finding out which material protects the egg best. 

The children above are acting out some of characters feelings. Can you identify them?

Which material protected the egg and prevented it from breaking? 

In the story, how did George keep the egg safe?

Why do you think the dragon in the story needed energy? 

7 thoughts on “2 Red Book Week Part 2

  1. Picture 1: The girls look happy and excited.
    Picture 2: The boy looks shocked and amazed.
    Picture 3: The boys look angry and upset.

    In my opinion, I think the cotton wool protected the egg from breaking.

    In the story, George protected the egg by placing it on his bed.

    The dragon needed energy to be strong and powerful.

  2. 1. picture 1 the girls are excited picture 2 the boy is shocked picture 3 the boys are angry.
    2. cotton, feathers, and paper to protect the egg from breaking.
    3. George put the egg in his bedroom to keep it safe.
    4. The dragon needed the energy to make him strong.

  3. Picture 1 Girls are very happy and existed.
    Picture 2 The boy is shocked and amazed.
    Picture 3 The boys are confused and upset.

    I think cotton wool and plastic shredded paper can protect the egg from breaking.

    George put the egg on the bed so its safe it doesn’t break.

    The dragon needed energy because to be strong and fast at moving around.

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