Bosworth Battlefield Trip

4 Red historians!
Watch the video below to recap what an exciting and informative day you have had.

Please share how your previous learning was used today?
What learning activities you benefited from and why?
What was your highlight of the day?

26 thoughts on “Bosworth Battlefield Trip

  1. Our previous learning was useful because it made me learn how the Tudors live back then and I have learnt that King Richard was killed by a hill hook by Lord Stanley. I benifited was the exhibition because I saw the models of the weapons that the Tudors used.

  2. The trip was so fun.Thank you Miss Ahmed,Mr Inman,Mrs Shama and Mrs Street,Benne,Mrs Tarn.
    My favourite part is when we went on the exepiction.

    Sahrah and Hamda

  3. I liked the armour lesson because you got to play with the bill hooks.
    My highlight of the day was when I got my mum a present.
    I LOVED IT 😀

  4. The trip was fantastic and I have learnt a lot about the Tudor period.
    Our previous learning was useful because it helped us how the Tudors lived back then. The activitie I benefited was the exhibition because it had models and artefactures In the Tudor time.

  5. I have learnt that King Richard VII drank from a well before the battle of Bosworth.
    The learning activities I benifeted from we’re learning how to hold weapons because I didn’t know how to hold weapons.
    The highlight of the day is when we went on a walk.😀

  6. I learnt there was 3 army’s in the battle, King Richard III’s army, Henry Tudors’ army and The Stanley’s army.I benefited learning from practicing the moves of the soldiers.I enjoyed trying on the armour.

  7. It was really fun and really cold. I learnt that Richard III had a spring water well and he got water to wash his hands. Also he used the well to drink water.

  8. It was extremely fantastic (and cold). I learnt about the flags of Henry Tudor and King Richard III (and Stanley/Stanleys) We were questioned by the Guide about Henry and Richard (War Of Roses/Battle Of Bosworth) E.g “What Rose belonged to which person?” And the answer to that was Red Rose = Henry White Rose = King Richard III. I have benefited from the questions that included high quality thinking. My highlight for the day was that there were three tribes not two. 😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂😺😺😺😸😸😸😄😄😄

  9. I liked yesterday I learned that Richard 111 was not killed by an axe dragged in his skull it was a Bill Hook and there was cheaters and they were two bros.

  10. I learnt the flags of Henry Tudor,Richard the 3 and Lord Stanley.
    The activite I benifited on when we were walking on the mud it was so soggy and fun.
    I enjoyed the show when we used the weapons.

  11. I loved going to Bosworth battlefield and thank you Mrs Street,Mrs Ahmed,Miss Sharma and Mr Inman.I hope that you all have learnt about the Tudors.

  12. Today was a lovely day
    Our previous learning was very helpful because when the Guide took us on a walk she asked questions and we all had an answer to it. For E.G “which roses belonged to which person.”
    And the answer for that was…White Rose=King Richard III. Red Rose=Henry Tudor.
    The activities that I benefited was the costume and sword room because I had an opportunity to see and wear the costumes and identify what kind of swords and cannonballs there were.
    My highlight of the day was that actually 3 groups of enemies not 2.
    I wish the day could of been longer!!!:)

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