IW are the winners of the Cereal Challenge.  They raised a total of £22.06 for our Breakfast Club.

We had some visitors that came to see our school and learn about how we run our Breakfast Club.  This is what one of them said:

‘I’ve only been with Magic Breakfast a short while so my visit to Broad Heath was a complete eye opener. The work the school, and the remarkable staff, is doing in the community is so positive. Thanks to our collaboration 100s of children and now parents too are learning the huge value that a healthy, nutritious breakfast can make to learning, concentration and indeed overall well being. Well done guys’

What positive words of encouragement can you post?


19 responses to “Breakfast Club Summer 2 Week 3-1W Winners of the Cereal Challenge!”

  1. Sophie Phillips

    Well done

  2. Laura Biesczad

    Well done

  3. Keon Jackson

    Great job

  4. Anthony Dacosta-Reid

    Well done 1w

  5. Mehrish Iqbal

    Well done. 👍🏻👍🏻✌👍😊

  6. Maja Zamosna

    Well done breakfast club

  7. Zaynab Bibi

    Hi hpe you enjoy it

    1. Zaynab Bibi

      I hope you enjoy it

  8. Sediqa Sabiri

    Well done 1w you deserve your treat have a fabulous time 😀😀

  9. Alexandra Mihai

    Have a good time 😊

  10. Asia Anderson

    That looks yummmy.😊

  11. Head Teacher

    You deserved your treat. Well done 1W.

  12. Sadia Parveen

    Well done 1 white

  13. Alina Hussain


  14. Lea Colak

    Well done

  15. Nithusha Naguleswaran

    well done

  16. Anora Ninyishu

    Well done you deserve it you are very good

  17. Laiba Wajid

    Well done

  18. Ryan Chand

    Well done!

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