Brick Wall Class Team Trophy

At our last School Council meeting there was general agreement that our Brick Wall competition is beneficial to all classes and encourages everyone to “work hard and try hard”. One member of the council said that the Brick Wall ” challenges and guides our behaviour”.

We are now in Autumn 2 half term and the new brick wall competition will start this week on Wednesday 5th November.

Clear all bricks off the wall and lets see everyone doing their best for the class.

6 thoughts on “Brick Wall Class Team Trophy

  1. I don’t think so dielli Malaj 2D need to win the brick award we are only 6,7,8,5 years old dielli Malaj stop being mean year 2 need to win the brick award

  2. I hope 3J win the brick wall and the best class is 6m 3J because my cuz is in 6m that why I pick that class his name is Ahsan khan and I go to his house erevytime I am a super girl and Ahsan.

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