Well done to everyone who has earned their class a brick through brilliant blogging, getting active and going above and beyond in their efforts at home. We are all really proud of your tenacity and brilliance, keep going. 5 Blue are still our wall leaders but it is still very tight!

6 responses to “Brick Wall Update!”

  1. Salman R.

    Go 6 Red!

  2. Shivani P.

    Well done to all the classes keep it up !😄

  3. Inaaya W.

    I hope our class wins

  4. Sarina A.

    I am definitely going to get lots of bricks for my class by working as hard as I can

  5. Hasnain G.

    i will try my best to earn as many bricks as i can!

    1. Head Teacher

      You have to do alot of work Hasnain and I will be watching!

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