Bright Sparks

Hi Bright Sparks!

I hope you have all been enjoying the science lessons at Sidney Stringer.

We had a fantastic session on Tuesday and you learnt a lot, and did well to use the new equipment.



Can you name all of the equipment you used?


What are the safety rules you must follow when using a bunsen burner?


Can you name the 2 different flames we use on the bunsen burner?


What flame is shown in the picture? Why are we using this flame?



In our session on Tuesday we learnt about the process of convection. Can you explain what this is?


What was the name of the purple chemical which we put into the water?


Why did we put the chemical in the water?


Remember Tuesday was our last session before Christmas. I will look forward to our sessions next half term.

Miss Redhead.


7 thoughts on “Bright Sparks

  1. It was awesome!
    The journey there took moons and we had to walk so fast.
    When we arrived we had to walk up some very large stairs.
    We even got lost trying to find the toilets.

    When we got to the ”laboratory” we knew what to do, the ”bunsen burners” were all set up.Miss Mohammed put ”pottasium permanganate” into our glasses on the ”tripod” and something called ”convection” happened.

    convection:Is cold air sinks and hot air rises the procces of this is called convection
    laboratory:A place where they do experiments and observe
    bunsen burners:Is something that produces gas
    potassium permanganate: A powder which produces convection

  2. On Tuesday, we went to Sydney Stringer in order to take part in a project called Bright Sparks!

    In the experiment we were doing last time, we used the following equipment:
    .a Bunsen Burner
    .a safety mat
    .a hose
    .a pair of tweezers*
    .a tripod
    .a beaker
    .a straw
    * we didn’t use the tweezers but the teachers did in order to add Potassium Permanganate to the cold water, which were to heat up in order to show the process of convection.

    The safety rules you must while using a Bunsen Burner are:
    1. Tie back any loose hair or clothing.
    2. Make sure the opening of the burner is clean and free of debris.
    3. Make sure burner is level and on a flat surface.
    4. There should be no flammable material near the burner.
    5. Turn off the burner as soon as you no longer need it.
    6. Never leave a lighted burner unattended.
    These rules are important and must always be followed whilst using a Bunsen Burner.

    The two different flames in a Bunsen Burner are knows as a safety flame and a roaring flame. The safety flame is yellow and bright whilst the roaring flame is blue and hard to see yet you can still hear it with its roaring sound (which is why it’s called a roaring flame).

    In the picture shown, there is a safety flame. Due to the fact a safety flame is yellow and bright, it is easy to see. Therefore, if you are ever called to the teacher to do a task with a roaring flame on, you should always remember to change it a safety flame. This is because, when you return from the task, you might not notice the safety flame and could get hurt! In addition, if someone leaves their hair open and doesn’t notice the flame, the person’s hair might be set on fire!

    Convective heat transfer, often referred to simply as convection, is the transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of fluids. Hot air is less in density than cold cold air. As the hot air moves upwards, the hot air flows down. However, when the cold air meets with the hot air it starts to take the place of the hot air and thus also flows upwards. This motion carries on until something stops it.

    In order to show the process of convection, we used a chemical known as Potassium Permanganate. It is a poisonous salt that forms dark purple crystals and is purple-red when dissolved in water; used as an oxidizing and bleaching agent and as a disinfectant and antiseptic.

  3. The equipment we used were:A Beaker,a Tripod and a Saftey mat.When you are using a bunsen burner it is important it is ontop of a Safety Mat.If you leave your desk with a Bunsen Burner on make sure it is on the Safety Flame{the yellow one}.You should always be standing up when doing an experiment so if it goes wrong you can quickly move back.Your hair should always be tied up;if it isn’t your hair could catch fire.You should always wear goggles when taking part in an experiment.Two of the flames you use on a Bunsen Burner are the:Safety Flame{the yellow one};the Roaring Flame{the blue one}.We are using the Safety Flame in the picture.The name of the purple chemical we put in the water was:Potassiumpermanganate.We put this in the water to find out what convection looks like.

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