Brilliant Broad Heath Behaviour 2018-2019

The Pastoral Team have spent the week talking to the children about Behaviour and Respect.  To continue the fantastic way in which we have started the new academic year Mrs Frankish has agreed to the following Behaviour Rewards for all children who follow the rules…

Brilliant Broad Heath Behaviour

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Autumn 1-Brilliant Bookmarks

Autumn 2-Pantomime

Spring 1-Broad Heath Pens

Spring 2-30 minutes of Choosing Time

Summer 1-Broad Heath Pencils

Summer 2-Personalised Keyrings


24 thoughts on “Brilliant Broad Heath Behaviour 2018-2019

  1. Wow, I am so excited to hear about all of the different new prizes for this year. I know it will be I know it will be an amazing year!!!

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