Brilliant Broad Heath

Earlier in the month Broad Heath was short listed for an extremely important award- Coventry Community Cohesion award.   The judges were looking for ways in which people/organisations could practically demonstrate evidence of how you have worked towards achieving Community Cohesion:
*Have a shared future and sense of belonging
*Focus on what new and existing communities have in common, alongside recognising the value of diversity
*Building strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds

I am very pleased to inform you that we won our category. We were all really surprised that we had achieved this accolade above other such amazing shortlisted applicants.
imageBroad Heath is a great team and provides wonderful experiences for the children, parents and the community and it is now official !!


11 thoughts on “Brilliant Broad Heath

  1. I have seen the blog about Broad Heath winning the community award. I feel very proud. Congratulations Mrs Frankish and staff.
    Alisha mum

  2. Well done to all the teachers. A big well done to the school for being so brilliant, everyone is so helpful and I am not surprised the school won this award? :)

  3. Well done Mrs Frankish,Miss Dewar,Mrs RajaKhan an miss Rully and all of school for being kind and generous.well done keeligh for doing the cake sale for charity.

    • Abena it is children like yourself that make the adults want to work so hard and ensure we continue to support as many individuals as possible.

  4. Well done Mrs Frankish, Miss Dewar, Mrs Raja-Khan and Ms Rullay. I am so proud to be a part of such a committed and diverse team. Congratulations to everyone.

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