Bringing a setting to life…

In literacy we have been looking at using personification to really bring a setting to life! Today we used the green room to create some descriptive phrases for a forest setting.

What does ‘personification’ mean? What examples of personification can you find in the video? What other phrases could we use to improve our work? Comment below.


5 thoughts on “Bringing a setting to life…

  1. Like it. Looking at this video I want to write. Can you tell me if I have used any personification?

    The tall trees hovered over me. Branches that looked like fingers beckoned me. The leaves sang and the floor of the forest hummed. I was mesmerised by the beauty of the forest and felt compelled to write about my feelings so the world could share my joy.

  2. 1. Personification is to assign the qualities of a person to something.
    2. Examples from the video:
    Clutched, sailed and crawl.
    3. Grasped, traveled and run.

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