Broad Heath 6-4 Stanton Bridge

On Monday 16th July, 11 lucky pupils from year 5/6 travelled to play a friendly match against Stanton Bridge. The pupils were:

Murtaza, Nadal, Ismail, Osman, Yamen, Nabeel (Captain), Nadia, Umarrr, Leona, Theo & Abdi.

The game started off very frantically with Murtaza making two great saves in the first 2 minutes. Broad Heath passed the ball around nicely with Osman and Umarr getting on the score sheet quickly. Nabeel held the ball up well and brought his midfielders into play creating chance after chance, and managed to get a goal which he deserved. At half time the score was 4-2. Second half saw Ismail play in goal and Nadia moved up front. Again, we got off to a great start with more goals from Osman and Umarr. Winning 6-2, Broad Heath took their foot off the gas and allowed Stanton Bridge to have more of the ball.


Broad Heath 6 – 4 Stanton Bridge

(MOM – Murtaza for several great saves, and Nabeel for his link up play and goal).







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  1. Yes!It’s a great reason for Nabeel to be Man of the Match and I am so happy that in my first game for Broadheath,I am Man of the Match!Well Done Broadheath.