Broad Heath Behaviour Reward Summer 2 2019-BH Keyrings!

This half term you can earn yourself a special keyring reinforcing values that are important to all at Broad Heath. Each Year Group will receive a different keyring, which keyring do you think your Year Group will receive?

17 thoughts on “Broad Heath Behaviour Reward Summer 2 2019-BH Keyrings!

  1. I think 6 Red (Which is my class) will receive the blue (To Gain) or the yellow (Teamwork). I think this because some pupils in my class went from 👎 all the way up to 👍 in this whole year (so far)… which earns the “To Gain” keyring.
    And I think we could get the teamwork keyring because of all the drama and practical work made in our class and we have created some good performance in a group.

  2. I think 6red (my class) will receive the blue or the red. I think the red will be better so when we go to our other schools we will have a red keychain to remind us of 6red.Also the blue could be better as you would probably be able to see the broad heath logo more.I am excited to see what type keychain we get.

  3. I think Year 6 will receive positivity because as we did our sat’s this year will had to think positive even if we didn’t believe.And i’m POSITIVE that we have all achieved our targets this year.

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