Broad Heath Citizen Nominations

I would like you to nominate a pupil in these categories :

  • A pupil who has been a super Broad Heath citizen because ………
  • A pupil who has been caring and thought about others because ……..
  • A pupil been a good citizen in the wider community because……..

The children chosen as being one of our special citizens will receive a certificate and a little prize.

Start blogging me with your nominations NOW ( Please let me know the class that the person is in too)



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  1. I think Amina Abbas is a good Broad Heath citizen because she always sticks up for me and she’s always there for me.Amina is really kind especially when the year 6 boys come to kick me she always tells them to stop so I don’t get hurt.When she does this it makes me feel safe.Amina is really kind.

  2. I also vote for omayah naseer because she is a great at learning and never gives up and she has never ever been in the behaviour book.Omayah is a spectacullar friend aswel and has naver been mean to someone.

  3. Most people in Broad Heath are good citizens.I will highlight some of them.

    yr5 girls:
    yr5 boys:
    YR6 GIRLS:
    Aliya,Javaria,Bilgisa,Sana,Ciara,Kodie,Zarha,Summaha,Summayah Sawdah,Vanessa
    YR6 boys:
    Me,Zayd,Fiezaan,Miks,Sufyaan,Zhenquaio,Amaan,Abdul(yr6D’s new child who is great at dodgeball),Rizwaan,Suhail,ATif,Omar.

    All these children contribute to school life somehow which makes our school perfect.If your name isn’t on there it doesn’t mean yuor not special because every one is special one way or another!

    • Tyrone your nomination comment is very true – everyone is special. I am looking for “SPECIAL” Citizens in the categories listed. If you want to send me 3 extra special citizens then please do so – otherwise “Many Thanks”.

  4. I also think that all the teachers are BH citizens because they always make sure we don’t give up and the most important thing they do is make sure we feel welcome and safe in our school.They always make sure we gain care and respect in all kinds of different ways e.g religion,colour and who we are.
    They also make sure we are making progress and they book us many classes to help us e.g,Miss Hobbs level 5 writing booster,Mr Griffin’s level 6 math club and phonics club for the younger ones.P.E teachers always make sure we are fit and healthy and I think the new P.E coaches have really helped.Graham is a really kind behaviour manager and he always sorts the problems with behaviour out.
    Graham did a really good job as a anti bullying co-ordinator and now people worldwide can listen to our outstanding rap since it is on YouTube and the blog.
    Mrs Drew,Mrs Jones,Miss Saunders and Mr Inman are helpful because they have always got the work ready for us and I like how all teachers go through if we don’t understand bit first you should try working it out for example in Year 6 we have been using our skills of reading round the word to work out the meaning of a word.


    • Wow Aliya this is a mature response and very thoughtful. Your teachers will all feel very special after reading this. You are certainly a thoughtful, caring and lovely young lady. It is a pleasure having you at this school.

    • Aliya I think your nomination is wonderful . I know that Mrs Frankish and all the teachers in school will feel very proud when they read your comments – I certainly did.
      Thank you very much indeed for being so thoughtful and spending time putting together such nice comments.

  5. I really think that Jay,Lowesha,Ahlam,Shabnam and Osman.

    Has outstanding behaviour and is a really fantastic role model.
    Always plays with me and sticks up for me when year 6’s try hitting me and my friends everyday.And when I am alone she always asks if I want to play with her.
    Never let’s the class down.
    Never let’s the class down always makes sure she is behaving.
    Never let’s the class down.

  6. I nominate Hummayun in 5M because i think that he always tries his best and he is there to help me and even if he fails,he always tries again.He also sticks up for me,he is one of my friends and he is a super Broad Heath citizen. That’s why i want you to nominate Humayun.

  7. The people I most definitely think should be nominated are:

    Girls. Boys
    1.Javaria. 1.Zayd
    2.Humaira. 2.Feizaan
    3.Sawdah. 3.Sufyaan
    4.Emmi-Jade. 4.Zhengqioa
    5.Vanessa. 5.Tyrone

    The reason is because they are all fair.
    Fair and makes sure her learning has no boundaries so no matter what it takes she will always do anything to achieve a high quality piece of work.Javaria is FAIR.
    Fair and will always unite and that is how I know she is a citizen of the wider community she can respect and unite and that is what a school council should do to teach the little ones how to behave.Humaira is a good BH ROLE MODEL.
    Fair and when people feel upset and not confident to speak as a kind and caring friend she will speak to them no matter what religion they are.
    Knows when it’s the right time to speak and never let’s the class down she is a hard working Broad Heath citizen.
    As well as her learning having no boundaries Vanessa makes sure others don’t give up and that is what we like at Broad Heath children that don’t give up.
    Always a role model as well as a well behaved school councillor.
    Tries his best and is always ready for learning.
    When he is told to do something he always follows the instructions and does that thing with no fuss.
    Even though he finds it hard to see he will never give up and will always do whatever it takes to do the best work he can produce.
    Kind and caring he is a good role model and always helps the teachers sensibly.He is a really good member from the school football team and I am sure he will achieve something amazing in his match tomorrow.

  8. i nominate Alina because,she never gives up and she always tries hard and always follows instructions to the best of her ability.She always helps people when they are stuck on their work