Broad Heath Citizen of the Week Award

Since the start of the new school year the Teachers in every class in school have selected the pupil who has been the”Citizen of the Week” in their classroom.

Mrs Rullay and myself have visited all classrooms at the end of the week to present the chose “citizen” with a certificate and a prize.

All Teachers have responded very positively to the new award and have made some very pleasing observations and statements about individual pupils. Examples of comments made by teachers about their citizens have been :

” A great team member who works hard and is quick to support their friends”.

” Happy, smiling every day and has a positive attitude to learning”.

” Always doing the right thing. A perfect role model for others”.

” Continuously helpful and caring to everyone in class”.

Last week (Week 4) when Mrs Rullay and myself were presenting the certificate and prize in Class 4A, the teacher Miss Ahmed commented that she thought that our new award is enjoyed by everyone and that it really motivates the pupils to behave like excellent citizens.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the Citizen of the Week award. We certainly are!

Graham and Mrs Rullay


4 thoughts on “Broad Heath Citizen of the Week Award

  1. We are very proud of the Broad Heath Citizens too Mrs Frankish. Graham and I look forward to meeting the “Citizens of the Week” every week!

  2. I think we need to be contributing positively to the BH society and think the people who achieve this award should be proud of their generous and caring nature.

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