Broad Heath Fireworks Celebration

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  1. I wanted to go to the firework celebration but i did’t because i went mosque and it stop 6:o’clock and the firework celebration started at 6:o’clock and i can not come in two place in one time but i will try to go to the firework celebration when i am in year four in november fifth 2016.

  2. When I was there I didn’t even see anything but I saw some from my house and I saw the bonfire🔥💥.Oh yeah I can’t wait till Christmas🌨🌨I am going to build a snowman☃⛄️

  3. Wow🎉🎉 what a great selection of pictures! Great work Theo for capturing the highlights of such an incredible evening. Well done to all the incredible staff at BH for organising this event. Every year it gets better and better. Thank you Mrs Frankish for always being generous by allowing children and parents create memories that will be with them for a long time. BH is the best primary school 😊

  4. The Firework display was amazing and I saw some of my friends. The bagel and the hot chocolate was yummy.

    Special thank you to everyone who organised this evening from Danyaals parents.

  5. Firework Display:

    I liked enjoyed the firework display. I liked to different colours, and the loud bang. Me and my brother and sister liked it. I want to thank everyone involved, especially Mrs Frankish.

  6. Firework Display:

    I want to say a big thank you to Mrs Frankish and all the staff involved in organising the beautiful firework display.

    Me and my two brothers (Armaan and Faizan) really enjoyed it. Thank you.

    By Alisha, Armaan and Faizan.

  7. What lovely comments. I thought it was great to see so many people with smiles on their faces. We should always strive to improve and as we continue to work together as Mrs Frankish has commented bigger and better next year!

  8. The fireworks were fantastic. I Liked watching the red and green fireworks. I enjoyed eating the pizza, it was great evening.

    Qasim’s Mum says Thank you to the Head Teacher for making the
    firework display we all enjoyed watching the fireworks.

  9. It was so fun the fireworks were really loud
    But the pizza was really delicous also the
    hot choclate was really good.I know why we
    need hot choclate beacuse it was cold.

  10. 1 RED had such a fantastic time at the fireworks last night!
    The fireworks were beautiful and very loud. We loved the big BANGS!
    Thank you to everybody who helped to organise the fireworks display!
    1 Red :-)

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