Broad Heath has Talent in RP

We are extremely proud of the dancers from RP. The children and Mr Mahmood enjoyed all the acts and had a great afternoon being entertained. Mr Mahmood was impressed by how professional all the children were and how entertaining all the acts were. Everyone had a great afternoon. Well done Reception and Key Stage 1!

As promised parents, here they are!


6 thoughts on “Broad Heath has Talent in RP

  1. I liked my talent because it was so much fun making it.The thing that I think is okay about was that I was nervous in front of the people on stage.The good thing is that I had 11 points.Some people had more points than me and some people had less points than me.I had great fun going to the talent show with my friend. This was my first time going to the talent show and performing in front of the people.I liked everyone’s talent because it was good.

    By Vinay

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