Broad Heath Sports Day

What a fantastic Sports Day it was. The sun was shining, the parents were there cheering their children, the teams were ready and the game was on. Everyone had a brilliant time taking part and supporting each other. We had some losers and we had some winners but the most important part was everyone participated to make it a fun day.

Obviously there is always one winner and in Key Stage 1 it was the Red Team that won and in Key Stage 2 it was the Blue Team that won.

Well done everyone for making it a memorable day. Also a huge thank you to all the staff who helped to organise this event.

Did you all have FUN!?

Ms Janjua









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  1. Sports day was really good I enjoined it. It was telly fun but it was really hot on sports day but I still had lots of fun even though it was really hot.

  2. It was great seeing every one dashing down the track. Crongrulations to blues, who won for key stage 2. Luickuly red(my team) came second. ☺

  3. I thought we were so lucky, to have lovely weather.The day went so well.No injuries or upset everyone had a fun time.Get in there Broad Heath,well done to us all.Everyone is a winner, We are the best!

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