*Broad Heath vs Joseph Cash- Match Report*

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Once again we were faced with a challenge, but this time on our own pitch that would hopefully help us succeed. Playing at home built up our confidence, but would victory be ours? Encouragement from our coaches, teachers and parents played an important part in our pre-match build up, but the match was yet to start as the opposing team were running late…20 minutes late!

Eventually the game started and overall during the first half BH controlled the game and had the most possession. Unfortunately, our attack did not take chances and shoot, and eventually when they did they couldn’t hit the target. This resulted in a few shots from JC after they got past our strong defence who were ready to tackle, luckily they didn’t score either. The half time whistle blew and the score was 0-0.

A long preparation before the game, because JC were late, meant that fatigue overcame the team. BH were in the control in the first half, but JC still had energy and started to fight back. Corner after corner, throw-in after throw-in, but still no goal. Then JC got momentum and took a shot that rebounded off the post and went in making the score 1-0. We carried on, hoping to get some of the form we showed in the first half back. Suddenly, a pass from JC’s midfield left the striker one-on-one with our goalkeeper. They scored again!

The final whistle blew and the result was JC 2-0 BH

We played well but lost. ‘Man of the  match’ was Rayne Fuller-Mapp, and the team as a whole played really well together. Let’s hope we have some deserved success in our game on Tuesday (17th) away at Spon Gate.

Match report by Rizwaan, Tyrone and Miss Bhandal :)


8 thoughts on “*Broad Heath vs Joseph Cash- Match Report*

  1. If we keep on trying i beleive we can win.Not even beleive I know BH are the best and there up for the test.So keep gaining team BH I know you can do it.

  2. You were fantastic sportsman and that is what matters.You enjoying yourself and having fun while playing.We lost but it doesnt matter because everyone put there heart into the game.

  3. If your trying and doing your best it does not matter if you win or lose.You gained and worked as a team and that is a very important skill to learn.

      • Fingers crossed Miss Bhandal, the BH football team are driven and committed and one day (hope it’s tomorrow) their hard work will pay off. Good luck boys!

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