*Broad Heath vs Spon Gate- Match Report*

Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Broad Heath vs Spon Gate (Home)

Team: Lenny, Abdul, Tyrone, Junior, Rayne, Humayun, Chanelle, Amaan, Ronaldo and Ibrahim.

Score: 7-0

Scorers: Lenny, Tyrone, Amaan, Abdul (4)

It was another display of amazing team work, football skills and winning spirit which gave Broad Heath a second, consecutive victory this season making them undefeated in 2014. With a huge cheer squad watching and supporting, it was a huge celebration for all.

The confidence was there and it was as if our football team were in the same mind set from their last match. Broad Heath were close to scoring within in the first 5 seconds of kick off, the excitement was there from the onset and our hearts were beating fast. We had many opportunities to score due to possession being more on our side. Lenny, Tyrone, Abdul and Junior kept pushing forward and carried on setting up goals, but we just couldn’t get that ball in. Then, a fantastic shot from Lenny gave us the first goal of the game. Spon Gate tried to create some chances for themselves, but with a defence like ours and extremely hard work from Rayne and Humayun, and super blocking from Chanelle, we prevented them from equalising. BH pushed forward again and our captain Tyrone gave us a 2-0 lead. The team didn’t once let their guard down as we all know how one minute we could be winning and then things can quickly turn around. Our next goal came from Abdul who showed amazing skill and finished off with his first goal of the game.

The first half whistle blew and BH were winning 3-0.

The second half drew in more spectators and we were all hungry for some more goals. Some substitutions were made (Ronaldo, Amaan and Ibrahim ON) as BH continued their amazing run. A brilliant display of team work gave us our 4th goal. The team were running forward and passing, and then a brilliant assist from Abdul set up Amaan who scored a fantastic goal. SG spotted their chance as they ran forward and managed to get in the box. They took a shot and just as the ball was rolling towards our keeper’s line, a brilliant kick from Rayne prevented them from scoring, all the team and supporters sighed with relief. BH once again showed amazing skill and confidence as they ran towards the goal and scored again, it was Abdul with his second goal of the game making the score 5-0. For the remainder of the match, BH’s defence was working as hard at the attacking side and never once did BH lose their team spirit. They carried on working hard and this led to another two goals from Abdul. The full time whistle blew and the crowd cheered for their amazing team.

What a win for Broad Heath, the final score was 7-0.

Well done to our super Broad Heath football team, you should be proud of yourselves.

Match Report by Miss Bhandal


8 thoughts on “*Broad Heath vs Spon Gate- Match Report*

  1. All the team did there best,and the team fantasticly scored seven nil.Thank you to the suporters and miss Bhandal,you were the most noiseiest suporter at some of the matches.

  2. Miss Bhandal I loved reading through your post! it shows we are very proud of our football team no matter what the result. I wish we can see the next match! Fingers crossed.

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