*Broad Heath vs Stanton Bridge- Match Report*

On Friday 15th November 2013 Broad Heath played away at Stanton Bridge and they had a super first match to kick off this season.

Anticipation filled our bodies as we made our way to the first match of the season, against Stanton Bridge. Feeling on edge, we entered the School and noticed the different conditions of their field in comparison to ours. We said, “Is this the field we’re meant to play on?” Well it was. After our crucial warm up it was time for kick off, and it was our kick off.

We started very well, with numerous attackers having opportunities to shoot, unfortunately the majority of the shots skimmed just wide of the post. Even though BH played to the best of their ability, SB used their pace and scored two spectacular goals, one after the other. The score at half time was 2-0 to SB.

Then it was half time where our talks with Graham, Mr Burgess, Mr Mountford and Muj inspired our team to have a better second half. Feeling full of energy again, it was time for SB kick off. SB scored making the score 3-0, but BH held their heads high and wanted to fight back. That fight came with a super goal scored by Lenny from a brilliant corner kick. The goal was rated by both teams as the ‘best goal of the game’ because it was a volley. The score was 3-1. SB then fought back by scoring two late goals which stunned our keeper.

The result was SB 5-1 BH

Although we lost, we showed good sportsmanship and shook hands with SB. We played a great match; the score doesn’t reflect how well we played as a team.

Match report by Rizwaan, Ty and Miss Bhandal :)

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21 thoughts on “*Broad Heath vs Stanton Bridge- Match Report*

  1. You tryed your best and that what is matters all about you trying your best and gaining.You worked as a team and that is a real good skill.Along with your team work skills you have used them to be supportive.

  2. unlucky guys but as a team, I think we have gained from this
    experience. By the way when and who are you playing against next?? GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think our football team tryed thier best
    and if they had fun and each played ther heart out we shall be proud we got a fantastic football team.

  4. Well done Team BH, and well done Rizwaan and Tyrone for this spectacular report. It’s the taking part that counts. BH is proud of you all..keep gaining toward success :).

  5. Well done Broad Heath for trying to win the football match.You all tried you best to win.It is good that you scored 1 goal.You all worked really hard and worked as a team.Well done.

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