Buenos Dias 4A!

4A have been working hard this half term learning Spanish Greetings.  They have created role plays which we videoed so we can share our language work.

4A can you remember another way of asking Como estas?

How is Mia feeling in this video? How do you know?

Bravo 4A you have learnt lots this half term.  In Autumn 2 we will work on our pronunciation and expand our key vocabulary.

3 thoughts on “Buenos Dias 4A!

  1. Linda was unhappy because she fell on the play that’s why she was crying and Mia was unhappy because she fell over a step hola means hello and bye is adios.

  2. I know that Mia was feeling unhappy because she fell over a step and she said that she was no muy bien which means in english unhappy and Linda was feeling unhappy because she fell on the playground and another phrase for Como estas can be Como estas usted and how to say hello is Hola and bye is Adios or if you want to say you are happy you say muy bien and if you say regluar you say regluar but you roll the r so the english and spanish sound differnt also we have learnt about differnt kind of fruits and apple is manzana and orange is naranja banana is planto and there is many more.Next trm is going to be super in spanish.

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