Building Artistic Bridges

This week Year 6 have been looking at different types of bridges, their suitability for different locations, the materials used and their purpose. To extend on this we carried out a mini investigation where we made our own bridge and tested the strength of it.  We were given art straws, cardboard, masking tape and paper. The objective was to make a  bridge in 15  minutes using the given resources. The bridge had to measure 60 cm and go across two desks. We used different size weights to measure the strength. It was fun and exciting working as a team. Congratulations to Hamza’s team…..

23 thoughts on “Building Artistic Bridges

  1. Well done to hamzah`s team!It shows great team effort!Our class did not do such a great job at making the bridges!However there were a few good,strong bridges

  2. This was really fun working as a team and creative thinking to think about shout would work with it the best.Me and my partner bismah,worked eel together.

  3. My team won the competition and our bridge could hold 800g and we only had 15 minutes to do it.Thank miss Saunders to let us do it.

    by the way,my name is spelt hamzah

  4. Well done 6S it lookes like you’ve done a great job at working as a team and having a strong brigde but we did not do a great job at building a stronge bridges.

  5. well done Aishah ‘s team you did really well making your bridge in 15 minutes. Your bridge was strong and secured. It was really fun to do this investigation. :)

  6. well one to Hamzas team for winning the competition. we were all under a lot of pressure because we ha to build the bridge in just 15 mins so we couldn’t plan it out properly. Hamzas team bridge looked lie a log. :) ;)

  7. well done to Aishah’s group you had built the strongest bridge. Good thinking with your group.My group made the worst bridge. Any way everybody tried hard. It was so fun to do a nice activity.

  8. Well Done to Aishah’s group because they one. Also everyone else did very well and we were under a lot of pressure. We had to build a very secure bridge in just 15 minutes!

    Khadira Riaz :):)

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