In years 3 we have been learning about Calligrams and different techniques on how to perform a shape poem . Please look at the video below. 

What techniques did you use?

Which performance was your favourite and why?

What would you change to improve your performance?

Which techniques were more effective and why?



4 thoughts on “Calligrams

  1. 1.We used movement and pase.
    2.We enjoyed Saif’s and Siam’s because the tone was effective.
    3.We could improve on tone
    4.Pace was more effective because it showed how the person was moving.

    By Zuzanna and Hadisa

  2. 1. We used movement and tone.
    2. The first performance was the best because it had pace, movement and rhythm.
    3. We could have used pace and rhythm .
    4. The pace because it was fast and interesting.

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