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Calling all Year 2 ‘Reading Gladiators’

Hello again my little superstars, welcome to Reading Gladiators week2.
Did you enjoy the tasks I set you last week? Thank you to those of you who commented on the blog. So, before we start, we should all know by now that this is a Non-Fiction book, however it is not a traditional Non-Fiction. Nature Storybooks combine Non-Fiction with Fiction, they are filled with information that is real, but it is written as a story with characters that have been invented.

Did anyone notice any features of a Non-Fiction text? If not, don’t worry, we will do it together….Open your book to pages 8-9, can you see the differences in the texts? On page 8, there is speech in bold, italic text, whereas on page 9, the writing is a lot smaller and there are also headings and labels. Using this new information and your prior knowledge, can you identify which page is Fiction and which Non-Fiction?

On these two pages, the text and illustration help you gain an understanding of how snakes move in different ways.

How do snakes move? Your task is to summarise what you have found so far out about the way snakes move and identify the different verbs used in the book to describe their movements and research the definition. Use the table below to help you, I have provided you with a few examples…

Finally, a fun activity for you to do with your family….. using the verbs you have identified, perform the action to your adults, carers, brother and/or sister and they have to guess which verb it is. Alternatively, find a large, safe space and imagine you are a snake and try and move around like them. Once you have completed all of the above tasks, continue to read up to page 23. Remember, we are all incredibly proud of you and are so pleased that you are working hard during this confusing time. Stay safe, be good and keep smiling! 😊

7 thoughts on “Calling all Year 2 ‘Reading Gladiators’

  1. Verb Sentence Definition
    Slither A snake slithers by Move smoothly over
    using their tail end a surface with a twisting
    to move around in or oscillating motion.
    different places.

  2. A snake is very scaly.A snake is a mammal and it moves side to side.Some Snakes move fast and some Snakes move slow.It slithers around the jungle and always makes holes in the mud.They grip to the ground whenever their moving.

    • Good girl Zahra.
      You have found out a lot about how a snake moves. Have you found this book interesting?

      Can you complete the rest of the pink challenge….
      What verbs can you find in the story that describe a snakes movements?

      Research the definition (meaning) of the verbs.

  3. A snake is very scaly and sometimes heavy. A snake is a mammal and it moves side to side. Some snakes move fast and some slow. It slithers around jungles and always make holes in mud. They grip to the ground whenever they move.

    • Great work Hanfaa, you have summarised what you have learnt about snakes whilst reading the book.
      Have you found this book a fascinating read?

      Can you now identify verbs and research the definitions like I have shown above.

      Keep up the brilliant work & stay safe x

    • Hello Ling, it’s good to here from you, I’m missing your beautiful smile!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the book.
      Could you complete the tasks above please.

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