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Captain Invincible in 2 Red

Shape and Investigation Week

During Shape and Investigation week 2 Red shared an adventure story about Captain Invincible and his trusty dog, Comet.

What parts of the story did you enjoy? What parts of the story did you dislike? Explain your answers.

Name the shapes on the control panel and list some properties.

16 thoughts on “Captain Invincible in 2 Red

  1. I like the part when captain invisible crashed.

    I didn’t like the part when captain invisible’s parents said “you will clean this mess tomorrow”.

    I saw a ,cube,cuboid,sphere,pyramid,cyilinder,cone,hexagonal prism.

  2. I like when everyone fell on the ground.
    I didn’t like when I saw my self.
    I saw a cone and the tip made the gas smell nice 👨‍🚀🐶😃👍🏿

  3. I enjoyed the part where the galactic beast was.
    I disliked the part where he said I am king of the sky’s
    A cube has twelve corners
    A cone has one point.
    A sphere has one face.
    A cuboid has two square faces.

  4. I enjoyed the part where Captain Invincible (Sam) said I’m 🤴 of the skyes.
    I dislike the part where Sam woke his Dad,Mum and Brad.
    Cube 8 vertices 6 faces and 12 edges.
    Cone 1 vertex 1 face and 0 edges

  5. I like captain invisible because it is in space and I like space.
    I now know all my shapes because of captain invisible.
    The thing that I don’t like in the story is the bat.
    Captain invinsible is my favourite book that I’ve been learning about.
    I like writing about captain invinsible because it’s my favourite story.
    I like it because I like going back to earth.

    Have you ever went to space before?

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