Children you are very talented and can do this:

Councillor Khan would like you to design a Christmas picture that Abdul can make into a Christmas card. The winner will have their design made into a card with their name on it and also a prize. Your card will be sent to lots of IMPORTANT people.

So how to you enter?

Just draw a picture that you think will make a great Christmas card.

What Should I do my drawing on?

A white piece of paper that you colour in.

When  do I have to do it?

By Friday 18 th November.

Who  do I give it to?

Mrs Frankish who will send them to Councillor Khan.

Where can I get ideas from?

Research the Internet.


54 thoughts on “CARD COMPETITION

    • You didn’t win Jacey because it came in after the closure date but your card was fantastic and that is why you got a lolly and a special message. Great effort.

  1. Im sad becuase I worked hard on my card and handed it in on Monday 14th November but I was told I missed the deadline? It says the deadline is Friday 18th November☹️☹️

    • Sorry this was typo and every day we said on the intercom that the last day was last Thursday.Still show it off and keep, there may be other competitions.

  2. I will also do it I am going to bring mine today Mrs Frankish. Thank you for creating all of these special things for all the children in BH.🎅🎅💎👸

  3. This is a really good opportunity to show your art skills because there is a really good chance of winning.Good Luck everyone! 🎨 🖼💭

  4. Ok I will do it, I will try my best to make my card perfect. But I am also very determined because I want to impress the important people and win the prize.

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