Online Safety Guides for Parents/Carers

In these strange times, your children might be spending more time online. This is proven to have a negative effect on their social skills, their motivation, attention and makes them prone to mood swings. I urge all parents/carers to limit the amount of screen time during school closures. However, you also need to be aware […]

TIKTOK – Advice

BROAD HEATH DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE AT THE SCHOOL TO USE TIKTOK!!! IT IS NOT AGE APPROPRIATE FOR ANY BH PUPILS. TikTok  is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. The video-sharing platform can provide hours of entertainment and encourages users to make their own short ‘pop-style’ videos which they can edit and […]

Mr Carter’s Parent Workshops

THEY’RE BACK! After last years success and fantastic feedback from parents, Mr Carter will be running workshops for parents to help them with computing skills, online safety and supporting your children. The sessions will commence on Thursday 16 January 2020 (Spring 1), and run for 5 weeks. If you are interested in attending, please visit […]

Online Safety Monitors

These are the 2018-2019 Online Safety Monitors. They have helped to maintain a safe environment for children at BH to use online devices. They have been involved in meetings, helped teachers to monitor iPad use and express their ideas to improve the school even further. Well done to all involved. If you would like to […]

YouTube: Parent Information

PLEASE READ:We, as a school, have come to the decision to advise you as parents to stop your children from using YouTube. This decision has come about because of the current level of inappropriate content that is being shared on the site. Under the sites rules, no child at BH is old enough to use […]

Parent Computing Workshop

In the Summer term, starting on the 2nd May and continuing for 4 weeks, Mr Carter will be running a Computing workshop for parents. In the workshops, parents will learn lots of new skills to help their support their children at home as well as ways to protect them from the problems working ONLINE. The […]

Seeing worrying things online

There’s been a lot of talk of children seeing and hearing upsetting things online. These things are not nice but, if you know what to do, you can minimize the negative impact. The BH Online Safety Monitors have made a video to help you understand the things YOU can do if you’re ever in that […]

Momo: Horrid and a Hack

Momo targets young children on social media.The doll encourages them to add a contact on messaging service WhatsApp, then hounds them with violent images and dares. Police said the danger lay with children feeling pressured to either follow the orders on any app by carrying out “challenges”, or because of peer pressure in chat rooms. […]

Social Media and Digital Footprints

In my parent workshop this week, I talked about the dangers that social media holds and how thinking about your digital footprint when using it is important. There are many good resources to help parents understand these issues, as well as guides on how to secure devices and apps. These are links to web resourcesGuides […]

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the parents that came to my computing workshop this morning. I hope you all gained in some way and I can’t wait to see you all next week (as long as the my baby hasn’t arrived by then) to look at some really important […]

Start a conversation about Social Media

New research suggests children are using social media before parents have spoken to them about how to use it responsibly, with 48% being exposed to it by age seven. To help parents have these important conversations with their children at a younger age, Vodafone UK and Andersen Press have teamed up with award-winning author Jeanne […]

Parents: Stay Switched On – Fortnite

One of our members of staff, who is also a parent, found this little gem. She said that she shared it with her children, and thought other parents might find it useful too. As a school, we are standing firm on our stance that Fortnite is not suitable for children in primary schools. The game […]

Mr Carter’s Group Fly Drones

Today, children in Mr Carter’s Year 5 group had an impromptu chance to code and fly drones. They worked in twos to write programs to get the drone from a take off point to a landing zone. Here are some photos from the day!

Comment on Digital Artists

Below are some examples of digital art by a selection of artists. They have used digital software to produce the images, but have used the same artistic skills as traditional artists have. Look through the artists and comment on your favourite. Why is it your favourite? Can you research some information about the artist? Bram […]

Fortnite Advice

It has come to our attention that lots of children in Broad Heath are playing the game Fortnite.This game is a 12+ and is not appropriate for any children in the school. There are many reasons why, which are listed in the poster below. Please read and think about the advice given. Please also visit […]

Free Apple coding, music & video sessions 

In-store activities aimed at kids aged 8-12yrs From time to time, Apple invites kids aged 8-12yrs to sign up for free workshops at its UK stores. Registration for 2018 opened on Mon 25 Jun, and spaces are limited (it’s first-come, first-served), so you may have to go quick. If you miss out, see 100+ other kids’ activities. You’ll […]

Parental Guidance for Fortnite

Users play against people of different ages from across the world, and can talk and interact with each other as they play through the in-game chat feature. What age rating is Fortnite? Fortnite has a PEGI rating of 12, PEGI have said this is due to the: ‘frequent scenes of mild violence. It is not suitable for persons […]

Keep your devices safe

Over the holidays, many children will get new devices or spend lots of hours on devices that have access to the internet. Because of this, it is a good time of year to check the settings so that you are protected. Use the link below to learn more: Controls

ICT Club-Week 1

Typing test To start off our first session the children were asked to turn the computer on from the system unit. Our next challenge was unlocking the PC, by pressing CTRL, ALT and DEL it allowed us to log in. After that, we were very confident when accessing the Broad Heath blog to find Purple […]

ICT After School Club-Learning Journey

Have you signed up to ICT Club? Well continue reading to find out about the exciting opportunities you and other members of the club will face! Parents: Here is a brief summary of what your child will learn and gain from this club. Please check the blog weekly to see some evidence posted on the blogs […]