Class 3 Red Blog 18-19All for one and one for all

HSBC School Bank

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in opening a bank account. The bank will be open on Tuesday morning 22nd January from 8.30 am until 9am and will take place in the science pod. If you have completed and returned a form thank you however I am still waiting for the £10 opening […]

Spring 1 Awards – 2019

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Rayan Ma Nursery PM Muhammad B RR Khadeeja Said Meena RW Yunus Amina Mustafa RB Amelia Nma Delilah 1R Lexi Sumaya Ebenezer 1W Ismael Sania Romeesa 1B Elyas Mehreen Xlexben 2R Florentine – Kaila 2W – Raisa Lawy 2B […]

Year 3’s drama workshops

Year 3 are so lucky! On Thursday 31st January 2019, two professional actors will be coming into school to work with them. This links with our play scripts and dialogue unit in Literacy. At 2:30 pm, the children will be performing what they have learnt during the workshop in the form of short scenes created […]

Collection From Trips Notice

All children from trips come into school first if the school is open and are NOT dismissed or collected from Hanford Close from. There are too many children to care for and to minimise the danger it is safer to dismiss from Broad Heath classrooms/school playground. This will ensure consistency and the same practice for […]

Pen Licences in 3 Red

Today, we were able to give out our first pen licences in 3 red. Sabah and Afsana have gained their pen licences by working really hard to have consistently neat, cursive handwriting. Well done! Keep up the amazing work. Other children in the class are very close. What advice would you give someone who wanted […]

English Homework

Year 3, this weeks English homework is set as a task on Rising Stars. This website will be new to most of you, so I have copied a link below that will take you straight to the log in page. The log in you need is the same as the one for blogs, Purple Mash […]

Times Tables

Hi Year 3, below are some website links to help you practise your times tables. Post your scores below! Can you create your own times table song or rap?


Broad Heath has worked with the Coventry Cyrenians whose goals are to support and provide accommodation to homeless people. We have all worked together collecting food, clothing and other items to donate to the homeless. The things we have donated will go towards supporting the Christmas dinner provided by Cyrenians, to be given to each […]

Compare Presenting Styles

Hi Year 3. As part of your computing unit this term, you will need to present information. We will start of by looking at oral presentations.  As you are learning about climates in topic, I thought it would be a good idea to look at weather reports. Look at the videos below and comment on […]

Children…never give up!

2019 has not been the best start. 1- Got a fine…own fault for going in a bus lane, not sure which lane is ok to go, in but will pay the fine as I am in the wrong allegedly and also remember doing something wrong! 2- Flood in my house, tap leaking and cannot stop! […]


Happy New Year to all governors, parents and children at Broad Heath, let’s make it a GREAT one. Congratulations to Roger Medwell , one of our governors who was awarded the MBE, we are very proud of you! See you back at school on: MONDAY 7th January. A “Free” Breakfast Club is open as from […]

Autumn 2 Awards – 2018

Reading Maths Haroon Mohammed W Asim Sumayyah and Mosaver Harroop Timothy Abdulhamid Aaron Humaira K Devanshi Haleema Zeynab A Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Rayan Me Nursery PM Muhammad O RR Daniel Mohammed Keaton RW Joshua Anish Aiza RB Tobi Ayesha Muhammad 1R Aarav […]

Success and Progress in 3Red!

3Red have had a fantastic term and all the children have made progress and succeeded in many ways! Take a look at our video below that showcases our successes. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! How did you make progress this term?

P.E. at Broad Heath

This Autumn at Broad Heath has been absolutely amazing! The children  have worked really hard and have gained lots of new skills this term. The children in KS2 have achieved so much this term . They have attended lots of competitions and  year 5 came away winners of the hockey tournament. Please watch the video […]

Around the World Week in 3Red!

This week has been Around the World Week and 3Red have been learning all about the Netherlands!  We have used an atlas to locate the Netherlands and see which countries it boarders. 3Red have also enjoyed listening to traditional Dutch Christmas stories and creating story boards and performing these to the class. We have learnt […]

Moving Monsters in 3 Red

In three red, we have been making moving monsters using pneumatic systems. We had to use our peroblem solving skills to create amazing monsters that had opening and closing mouths. What sort of pressure is in a pneumatic system? How did you use problem solving skills?

Year 3 Around the world week SOLE projects.

3 White were given the big question: How does the weather in Nigeria differ from the weather in The Netherlands? Why do you think this is? The children chose to research the answer and present it using an Imovie and Green screen technology. 3 Blue were give the big question How does the weather in Iran […]

Y3 Around the World Afternoon

Today in Year 3 we had the opportunity to visit three different countries from different continents; Nigeria, the Netherlands and Iran! We were lucky enough to learn all about the countries and their culture.  What new facts did you learn about these countries? Can you compare the similarities and differences between these countries? Which would […]