Year 2 Caterpillar group-Phonics 7/5/2020

Good morning Crazy Caterpillars 🐛. Today I thought it would be a good idea to practice our ‘ai’ sound to keep up our phonics knowledge.

Now remember that the ‘ai’ sound is a vowel diagraph and it comes in the middle of a word. Eg Fail. Can you see?

Below is a short video for you to have a go at segmenting and blending words yourself. Say the sounds and repeat after they’ve said the words.

Now what I’d like you to do is to have a go at reading the words below that’s have the ‘ai’ vowel and see if you can write some simple sentences using these words. Don’t forget to use your homework book and send us your super work in so we can have a look too. Have a good day! 🙋🏽‍♀️

8 thoughts on “Year 2 Caterpillar group-Phonics 7/5/2020

  1. The aim to gain.
    The mail was on time.
    The maid never turned up.
    The rain is not going to stop.
    The train was so fast.
    The pain has gone away.
    I laid on the sofa to rest.
    The sun is out again today.

  2. When it rains we’re not allowed to go outside because it is wet .
    Mr foxes tail wax shot off .
    The train takes people from one station to the other station.
    The main road is Foleshill.
    I was in pain when I fell.
    The maid was cleaning the bathroom.
    The postman delivers the mail.
    The ship sails on the sea.
    I aim to win on Fifa 20.
    My dad laid on the floor.
    It was a sunny day again today.
    My game failed to load.
    The hail is winter.
    I can’t wait to play Fifa 20 when I finish my school work.

    • Awww good boy Ibraheem there are some very interesting sentences that have been linked to the English work this week about the poor foxes tail being shot off. I’m really please your completing your school work first rather than playing on FIFA all the time.

    • Good try Sumaya but what you needed to do is to use the word bank to write some sentences. Please can you go back and have another go?
      Let me give you and example:
      Sail: The boat set sail on the sea.

    • You have a couple of nonsense words in there Sumaya.
      Can you spot them?
      One of the tasks Mrs Walker set was to write simple sentences with your words…. Think back to our Phonics lessons and the silly sentences we thought of.

      What sentence could you write for-

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