Celebrating The Queens 90th Birthday

Today year 6 were given the honours to sing The National Anthem in Broadgate as part of the Queens 90th birthday celebrations.

We were joined by many different groups within the community who put on wonderful displays, gave speechs and read out a letter from the Queen to the City of Coventry.

If you were asked to buy the Queen a present, what would you get for her?

22 thoughts on “Celebrating The Queens 90th Birthday

  1. I would get the queen a card, and something simple because the queen has diamonds and everything u could wish for. She has things beyond special so it would be nice if she got something simple, so I would get the queen a jewellery box

  2. How impressive to be asked to sing the National Anthem for such a special occasion. I know the organisers were very impressed with your enthusiasm. British citizens at their best.
    Well done!!

  3. I would buy the Queen a nice bottle of perfume with an expensive bunch of flowers. I really enjoyed singing the National Anthem! 😀😀

  4. If it was the queen birthday I would the most expensive perfume which smells beautiful or the most expensive cake which tastes delicious

  5. I had a great time because we went to go and celebrate the Queen birthday day. There were some parts that were abit boring because we had stand up and sing but when we finished singing the song we didn’t get to sit down and my back started to hurt but it was great to do it.

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