Key Stage 1/EYFS
Class Superstar Work Teamwork Citizen of the Week COTW Comment
Nursery AM Yahya Shoaib For gaining so much confidence and making great relationships with the adults he works with in Nursery. Well Done!
Nursery PM Ayaan Basir For working hard on his maths skills and learning his numbers up to 10 and beyond!
RR Afsana Khatun Rhema Eseigbe Saira Shafaq Saira is a excellent role model for the rest of the children in the class and has worked really hard with her reading, writing and maths.
RW Bijan Naziri Sharmake Yaabarag Armaan Mahmood Armaan has worked hard and has given his best with enthusiasm and enjoyment to complete amazing sharing work during maths.
RB Abdullah Abbas Eesa Faisal Rasan Mohammed Rasan has worked really hard this week to help others with their learning. He has been very kind and very clear when he has helped others to form letters and write words correctly.
1R Umaiyyah Ali Aiva Gray Lisa Karan Lisa is a great help in the classroom. She is always kind to her friends and demonstrates perfect manners. Lisa is always willing to help others and is very keen to keep our classroom neat and tidy. She is the perfect Broad Heath Citizen. Well done Lisa!
1W Muhammad Hassan Rylie-Jai Morey Whiteman Shivani Puri Shivani is always showing her teachers that she is a superstar by having consistently fanstastic behaviour. She has a positive attitude towards her learning and is always there to help others in need. Keep it up Shivani!
1B Sahar Ahmed Masood Farah Hafsa Bibi Hafsa tries hard at everything she attempts. She has made great progress in her phonics and in her writing skills this term.
2R Ahmed Sheik Nargis Badri Amelia Mathews Amelia is a caring member of the team who is friendly and helpful. She has a positive attitude towards learning and always tries hard. Good job Amelia!
2W Riyad Uddin Sunnaf Hussain Humaira Khan Humaira is a mature young lady who always tries to encourage others to do the right thing. She is an excellent mathematician and always tries her best. Well done Humaira!
2B Humzah Farooq Maria Iqbal Mediha Shaheen Mediha is a helpful and mature young lady who we can count on to help around the classroom. She always volunteers to help us tidy away and takes responsibility for classroom resources being neat and tidy. As well as all this, she works hard. Well done Mediha.
Key Stage 2
Class Superstar Work Teamwork Citizen of the Week COTW Comment
3R Theo Davies-Reid Sophia Farhange Lacey O’Meara Lacey is a pleasure to have in the classroom. She is very helpful, particularly with peers who might need a little bit of help and she shows initiative when solving problems. Well done Lacey!
3W David Hajduk Mia Bird Eesa Bashir Eesa is a mature and sensible young man who consistently demonstrates Broad Heath values. He has returned from a period of sickness with a ‘can do’ attitude, and has made sure that he kept up his learning at home. He is an excellent role model for others in the class, and he is an all round superstar. Well done Eesa!
3B Aliyah Hameed Aleem Hussain Sheza Arif Sheza is an outstanding role model within the whole of Broad Heath and this is because of how mature she is. Sheza never gets involved in silly behaviour and is always doing the correct thing showing and her attitude towards her learning is exempulary. Well done!
4R Shkula Mayar Pasoon Badri Inaaya Khan Inaaya is thoughtful, caring and encouraging towards her peers and teachers, a great role model within Broad Heath. Keep it up!
4W Tameem Ali Damien Davies Moman Loan Moman is a great role model for others in the class as he is kind, works hard and always gives his best. Keep it up Moman!
5R Syed Junaideen Sanna Khan Gautam Shrivastava Gautam has been incredibly polite and helpful, looking out for others and trying his best. Keep it up Gautam, you’ve been fantastic!
5W Humaira Begum Haris Shakeel Mohamed Shanab Mohamed has worked really hard this week and has made some improvements. He has been kind and helpful which has made him a fantastic Broad Heath citizen. Well done Mohamed!
6R Ruwaida Said Khuzayfah Khan Abdalla Abdulhamid Abdalla was an excellent role model on our Old Trafford trip. He was inquizative, lively and polite – an excellent example of a BH citizen.
6W Azariya Tennent Arjun Mattu Sarah Keister Sarah is always polite and friendly. She displayed her maturity on the trip, listened superbly and was a credit to the school.

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