Key Stage 1/EYFS
Class Superstar Work Teamwork Citizen of the Week COTW Comment
Nursery AM Fariha Ahmed For working really hard on her reading book and telling brilliant stories to her teachers and friends.
Nursery PM Aysha Rauf For working hard on her phonics and learning all her sounds ready for Reception! Well done!
RR Mishal Naeem Laylah Marshall-Senior Lilly Marshall- Senior Lilly has just joined Broad Heath and has settled well. She has gives her best and follows the school rules. Lilly is a super role model for the other children.
RW Sammi Shah Artjoms Pavlenko Yahya Khalifa for always trying hard with his work across all areas of learning and being kind to his friends.
RB Abdulah Shakeel Merab Rehman Yalda Naziri Yalda has been very caring. She has worked hard to make sure all her friends have a happy time and safe. Well done Yalda, you are a super hero!
1R Eduard Mihai Riqbah Zohaib Aamir Khan Aamir is a fantastic Broad Heath Citizen! He is always the first to the carpet sitting beautifully and ready for learning. He is an absolute superstar and is a great role model for the other children! Well done Aamir!
1W Zoya Naz Ryan Amarteifio Aidan Thomas-Millward Aidan is such a brilliant Broad Heath Citizen. He always works to his best ability and models excellent behaviour. He has such a positive attitude and is a kind and caring member of the class. Well done Aidan, keep it up!
1B Mujammil Ahmed Haniah Tassawar Sean Edwards Sean is trying so hard to share and take turns with his friends. He can sit on the carpet and listen well. He is trying hard to follow the school rules and is a kind member of the class. Well done Sean!
2R Pola Gonicka Leeda Daud Arnav Khare Arnav is a model pupil. He is hardworking, polite, sensible and kind. A super Broad Heath citizen!
2W Maurice Chidube Zahrah Mahmood Jeremi Janik Jeremi is a popular, friendly and inquisitive member of the BH team. He is interested in the world around him which is brilliant. He has been helpful to Miss Smith by translating in Polish. He is a great BH citizen! Well done!
2B Miriam Hussain Zuzzana Bartyzel Michael Tchouambou Kameni I am very proud of this young man. When everyone else stepped over a strawberry on the floor, Michael went to get some tissue, picked it up ans put it in the bin. It only takes something little like this to show that you are a great BH citizen! Well done.
Key Stage 2
Class Superstar Work Teamwork Citizen of the Week COTW Comment
3R Farhaad Namdar Zeynab Tola Hani Shakeel Hani has been working hard this week and has been a good role model to the other children in the class. He is listening well and working hard with his group. Well done Hani!
3W Aimee-Rose Grover Mohammed Janzeb Habiba Dufa Habiba is a wonderful friend and cares about the feelings of others. She is such an enthusiastic learner, and shares a smile wherever she goes. Well done Habiba, you are always ready to gain and you are a credit to the class and to your teachers!
3B Murran Masterson Haleema Ansar Bethany Macho Bethany has been an outstanding student this year showing she is caring, kind and respectful justifying why she is a school ccouncillor. She also has shown why she is a Broad Heath citizen all year around with her positive and mature attitude. Keep this up Bethany, well done!
4R Kayden Roberts Shaakira Khan Tehab Shah Tehab is a considerate, respectful and enthusiastic boy who always aims to please his friends and teachers with his positive behaviour and great manners. Keep it up!
4W Priya Mattu Nidhi Parekh Fatima Naz Fatima is helpful to others and works well with everyone in the class. She is an excellent role model and always tries hard to succeed.
5R Baldeep Jassi Ahlam Mohammed Omio Bhattacharjee Omio always tries his best, is a great friend and shows manners and courtesy at all times.
5W Ryan Wali Momina Shafique Malaeka Khatun Malaeka is kind, caring and helpful at all times – what an excellent role model!
6R Mohammed Loan Omayah Naseer Syra Khan Well done Syra. You are hard working, fair, kind, thoughtful and consistent. Keep it up!
6W Anas Mohammad Laiba Wajid Halima Memi Halima is always polite and helpful and throughout the year she has been contributing to class discussions and debates more and more. You have valuable opinions and everyone gains when you share them! Well done.

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untitled-0010-8182KS1 2 Certificate 16 June

untitled-0008-8180KS1 2 Certificate 16 June

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