Challenge yourself in reading!

Wow Six Blue firstly can we both say well done to you all for making a real effort to read at home and complete your reading journals! Today as we checked your journals it was so lovely to see many journals completely up to date. So well done and please please keep up the great work!

Over the weekend we would like you to complete one of the activities below or if you really want to push your learning then have go at completing them both!

Task One: Make a list of words and phrases that you think are effective in making you want to keep reading the book.

Task Two: Choose a descriptive passage and make a list of examples of similes, metaphors and alliteration.

Please submit your answers on this blog. Looking forward to reading your responses. Have an amazing weekend guys and we will see you all bright and early for our well-being day on Monday!

13 thoughts on “Challenge yourself in reading!

  1. Task 1:
    Character Description
    Setting Description
    Expanded Noun Phrases
    Powerful Adjectives
    Task 2:
    Similes – The wind howled like a wolf.
    Metaphors – The tree stood like a guard.
    Character Description – Coraline’s hair was as blue as the sea.
    Setting Description – The lush , green tree’s swayed in the air.

  2. The effective things that make me read are
    Descriptive language
    Setting description
    Character description
    Powerful adjectives
    Figurative language
    Rhetorical questions.

  3. The effective that I want to read are
    Setting description
    Character description
    Expanded noun phrases
    Rhetorical questions
    And good adverbs

  4. The effective things that me want to read on are
    Expanded noun phrases
    Rhetorical questions
    Setting descriptions
    Character descriptions
    And appropriate adverbs

  5. Task 1
    Rhetorical questions.
    Powerful adjectives.
    Gripping plot.
    Descriptive language of characters.
    Figurative language such as : hyperbole similies and metaphors.
    Setting description.

  6. Task 2:

    The book I am reading is Fantastic Mr Fox and by the summary on the back it looks interesting and a effective simile from the book is :

    Similes :
    He was as thin as a pencil and the cleverest of them all.
    The cider is like drinking sunbeams and rainbows.
    The hole , the machines had dug was like a crater of a volcano.

    The sight of this thing had a electric feeling upon Mr Wolf .
    The machines were both black. They were big , brutal monsters.

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