Champions – Old Trafford

Yesterday Year 6 had the opportunity to travel to Manchester to visit Old Trafford Football Stadium. It was an amazing day where we got to mingle with the superstars ( their Football Shirts and Football Boots). We also learnt about the history of the stadium and about the best team in England, Manchester United. As always our  behaviour was excellent there and back and we participated in all activities. Here are some highlights of the day. Enjoy the photos and videos! Feel free to comment.

What did you enjoy the most and how did you feel?




29 thoughts on “Champions – Old Trafford

  1. This trip was so fun.
    My favourite part was eating on the pitch.
    Seeing all of the trophies was cool aswell, we were also lucky to wear Ronald’s top😱😱. The journey to Manchester was long but we were productive by playing games like eye spy.
    By Marhia😀😀😄😄😊😊

  2. I had a blast at old Trafford. We got to wear Rooney’s shirt. I was fantastic. I want to go there again. The pitch was enormous. It’s the biggest one in the uk.😂😂

  3. The trip was soooo awesome and at first I was very scared to sit on the seats at the very top of the stadium but now I am very happy that I have overcome my fear of heights.

    And thank you to all the teachers and Mrs Frankish for organising such an amazing trip for Year 6 👍🏼🌈😀😀

  4. I enjoyed our Old Trattford trip.I liked it because I got to explore a football stadium.This has been the second time I have been to a football stadium.😌

  5. I really enjoyed wearing da gea football kit. I really enjoyed this trip. If I had a chance to go again I would definitely go again.

  6. I really enjoyed old Trafford but the best part was when I wore Van Percy’s shirt.Thank you for giving us this one in a lifetime trip.

  7. Wow what a great trip! Liked how you answered lots of questions. Well done another fantastic BH experience. Thanks to all the adults.

  8. I enjoyed going through the actual tunnel with music playing. I felt proud and walked with pride. I really enjoyed going there. Thank you for taking us!

  9. I really had a blast especially when we got to see the big field and also weir the real footballers t-shirts it was truly amazing I just want to say thank you and I hope the rest had an amazing time to.😊😊😊

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