Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Film and Book

This week in 6 White we have been reading and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Children have completed a variety of work as they have explored the book and they have all worked very hard.


I would like you to tell me:

What are the main differences between the film we watched and the book?

Was there anything in the film that wasn’t in the book? Was there anything the film didn’t show that was in the book?

Which did you prefer? Why?

3 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Film and Book

  1. I think that in the main book 📖 there is a lot of characters and they are very fun some of the time but fun part was when the girl fell down the discussing drain and her dad followed her and then the fun part of the day was when the went so fast on the boat this book is so interesting because it’s fun and I think everyone would have a go at it and they will think 🤔 that it’s interesting this 📚 is so famous and it’s been written by Ronald Ralph

  2. 1.The difference between the book is that in the book, it says that the shopkeeper is fat but in the movie he is skinny. In the movie the introduction is a song but in the book it isn’t.

    2. In the book, Charlie’s dad is alive but on the movie he is dead.

    3. I preferred the book because in the movie wasn’t that entertaining like the book and the movie had things that the boo didn’t have.

  3. 1) lThe differences between the book and the film are that Charlie doesn’t really look skinny as it says in the book and also the shopkeeper was different because in the book it says he was fat a bit but In movie he’s skinny.
    2)in the book there’s Charlie’s dad but In the movie Charlie’s dad wasn’t alive.
    3)I preferred the book because enjoyed it and I wanted to find out what would happen next.

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