Children in Need Day at BH

Thank you children for a truly wonderful day. You have made us all feel happy and we leave school tonight with a smile on our faces. We raised £397- what a fantastic amount!

19 thoughts on “Children in Need Day at BH

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  2. Children Need

    Good job by everyone raising £397 for a good charity. It was nice to see all children and staff wearing spotty clothes. Qasim and his cousins Armaan and Faizan, Alisha enjoyed the day.

  3. Wow we made a lot of money I am glad we did it.I had a great day on Friday and made the poor people happy if didn’t they still would die or something. We work as a team to show people how we feel about them it is important to give some things to the people who doesn’t have houses or foods.all of us enjoyed children in need day.we raised lots of money to help the charity because there not lucky as we are we are give stuff to them because there have nothing but we have clothes,food,house,shop,beds,family.some people who are poor doesn’t have a big is important to give other people a chance if you don’t you will hurt the poor people feeling and that is not nice of you.

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