*Children in Need- Pyjama Day*

WOW, all the children who dressed in their pyjamas and night wear today looked amazing! Check out the photos below.

Mrs Scates had so much money to count, I think it will take her the whole weekend to add it up. Well done to everyone who made donations.

Did you enjoy wearing pyjamas today?

Has anyone done anything else to raise money?

Did you see anything interesting on the Children in Need programme?

Hope you all had a brilliant day, don’t forget to wear your School uniform on Monday.

Miss Bhandal :)

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25 thoughts on “*Children in Need- Pyjama Day*

  1. I was brilliant to see pepole giving donation and it was nice to even see pepole who did not even where pyjamas also gave donation and itwas alright to see pepole not wearing there pyjamas becuse they might not have been cofterble wearing there pyjamas

    • I agree serena. it was very cosy in pj’s. I did enjoy wearing my pyjamas because we raised money and had lots of fun. I liked everyones pyjamas especially the animal wonzes

  2. Plaiza that was not nice to say to Alina and Abdir. Just because Abdir did not wear his pajama he still pay.say sorry.

    I like pajama day because it nice seeing people pajama.

  3. Well done everyone who raised money for such a wonderful charity, I am so proud we all gained together to help children in need. I think RA looked the best :) .

    • Alina your first sentence doesn’t make sense your suppose to put the it away.Then it would make sense.You also spelt children wrong.

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