Welcome to the Y6 Market

As the children are aware in school- due to the countless advertising done by the Y6 children, our famous market will go ahead on Monday 4th July (PM in the MUGA).
Here you can except to see a range of hand-made products, jewellery, ice-cream, slushies and lots of sweets!

All children will have the chance to visit the range of stalls organised by the Y6 children.
Everyone bring in plenty of change as items vary from 20p to £1.50

Some of the products we have on sale:

All products are produced from the Y6 fiver challenge.
(Please speak to the children about allergies and halal ingredients)

Market Day

Thank you to everyone who participated, what did you think of the day?

6R £147.22 

6W £105.00

6B  £168.45


  1. I liked it but I didn’t like the fact that forced us to go to different stands and on the pic and mix you have to pay £1 for a half filled cone because they said a full cone .Oh and when are they are going to announce the winner of the thing for where are you how much sweets in the jar and keep it?

    • Well you didn’t quite get the closest but the person who did get the closest
      (Drum roll please)was Sheima in 6Blue.
      Better luck next time!☘️🍀

    • We had to reduce the amount of halal sweets as we were running out of them.So sorry we couldn’t provide as much sweets as the rest of the customers.Also when you say forced we didn’t so really your just exaggerating and trying to get us in trouble so really your a bad customer.

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