Children’s rights in Victorian Britain

Good afternoon Year 5!

In the session this afternoon you have been researching into how children’s rights came about.

Your task:

To write a speech to persuade others to give fair rights to children.

You will need to include facts about what a child’s working day was like.

We are looking forward to reading your work.


16 thoughts on “Children’s rights in Victorian Britain

  1. Hello, I am talking about the poor children in the Victorian times. Don’t you feel sorry for the poor children, they work in factories and go mining at the age of ten? The children work for about ten hours or more a day and only then they get dinner which is bread and water. The children did dangerous jobs as mining which would harm them by poisonous gases, also in factories, where they went underneath the machines to fix them, which was dangerous because it could cut their hands off or their hair would get stuck in the machines, they also worked as chimney-sweeps and they could slip and fall off the chimneys which would kill them. Because of such dangerous jobs, many children died of diseases, accidents and poor nutrition.
    I request you to give them job at the age of 18 when they grow up and become strong.

  2. Good evening Government,
    I am her to tell you about the benefits of the rights for children to have a home, have a education and most importantly money.

    The jobs that are controlling the poor, little children can be fatal. I have wackiness the torcher that has being done, there is no reason for this to keep going on.

    More and more people are dying each moment, every second you clap your hands a child dies a horrible death.


    This is a opportunity for people to actually listen to children’s thoughts. A opportunity for you to know what life is like for the poor children working for money , so please show some respect and listen.

    Children are being treated like ragdolls, they are being forced to work . YES family’s need money ,YES children need to learn about life but they also need a education.

    Every year 500 fingers are TOURN off . 1500 boned are BROCKEN and millions of hairs are RIPED off

    All I want is to move down 20 hours of working to 10 hours of working .

  4. “Do you think children should be doing work instead of having fun in the fresh air?” “Children should be treated as how adults are treated.”It don’t matter if there rick or poor children shouldn’t go outside and be picking up pure.” “And other children shouldn’t be selling watercrest.”

    “I want to make a law, which says children under 10 can not go underground.”

  5. I Lord Shaftesbury am here to stop child labour.

    I bet that some of you politicians had to work in factories and labelling tins.I bet that some of you had to chimney sweep by 5 years old.I bet that some of you are lucky to be here. Yet you let children work in a life and death conditions every year.

    Children are already meant to work ten hours but I only have 4 inspectors to check if this happens.How could you do this? How would you feel if you were in their shoes.But wait some of them do not even have shoes.

    You have had education.You have had ambitions to become what youve become.

  6. Dear Government,
    Do you think these hours are fair to the children under ten? This speech will make Victorian life better! I agree to give children under ten less hours to work. This speech is about people losing fingers or children dyeing. This is on behalf of the children who work in factories, textile mills and chimney sweepers. The children have a right to go to school to get education!

    I have gone to visited three children who have been spending their life doing disgraceful jobs. Their life is ruined. But their could be a solution…

    Instead of giving more then ten hours of misery, we could give them hours of education. The pain of working, nearly 100 children have died, 5000 fingers have been cut off. Girls long hairs have got stuck into the textile machines.

  7. This can’t be true, there are innocent children working there lives
    off for just a pint of milk. They shouldn’t have to work ten hours just to have one meal

    Children should have a right to go to school. If you were a child at the age of 12 and your parents couldn’t afford one meal for you, you would have to be forced to work.How would you feel?

    This is what happens every year
    Around 1500 bones are broken.
    Around 100 children die.
    And 1230 fingers were broken or snapped off.

    We should fight for the poor inoccent children that barely get anyhting!

    I hope that this speech has changed your mind about children working.It would be appreciated if you tried to help

    Lord Shaftesbury :)

  8. Parliament you need to start treating these poor kids with respect
    Also how would feel if you were doing what there doing?
    They would have told you to do what they you need to give them less hours at work.

    And they could actually die with all that smoke from the coal and chimney.
    Also making little girls collecting dung and selling water cress also in factories their arm,hair and fingers get cut off.those poor children,about 100 kids die each year.

    1500 bones are broken
    1230 fingers are snapped in half and
    That is how many
    Body parts are broken

  9. “Do you think it is fair that children start working at the age of five? Children should be treated equally. The poor and rich have a right to be educated. Why shouldn’t they? Treat the children the way you want to be treated. Some of the poor children don’t even have shoes and they be working full time. Is this a way to treat children? Thousands of children be dying of hunger. I take it this is the way you want to be treated. If it isn’t,why are you doing this to the innocent,little children? You people should look up the word fair in the dictionary. We will fight for the poor’s right!

  10. I think that the children shouldn’t be working for long hours and they have very little brakes for the whole day. There are innocent children in the world who work and they don’t have food to eat and money to buy some luxuries from the shop. Think if you were a child and was working in a factory or on the streets or in the rich peoples houses, what would you do?

    Over 1,500 bones were broken in factories and 1,230 fingers were cut off by sharp machines and over 100 people died.I demand that there should be laws for children.

  11. I Lord Shaftesbury solemnly believe that children shall not work more than 10 hours a day. I also believe that they shall not be crushed by machines. Do you think that it is fair for poor little children to die at an early age?
    Do you care about victorian children?

    I strongly believe that little children will not work 10 hours a day and then go to school. They shall also not be allowed to go under wool machines. Imagine if that was you and you got your hair trapped into a machine. Would you like it ?

    Children have a right not to climb up chimneys because they will die by the lit fire.How will you like it if you were up a chimney and someone lit fire?. These poor children are dying because of this awful job. Can you survive this horrific job

    Children are born to have a chance to live not to die.These children will not suffer this disgusting job. So we shall not allow children to climb up chimneys and get their hair caught in machines.

  12. Do you know how hard life was for Victorian children?
    Poor Victorian children had to sweep chimneys for long hours and if you hadn’t had a job then you would have to go to a workhouse. I, Lord Shaftesbury want to make a law to protect the children and to make sure children have a right to education.
    The laws I want make our:

    No child under the age of 10 to work underground in a coal mine.

    No child to work more than 10 hours.

    No child under the age of 10 is to be employed in a factory.

    This is what I am trying to say who wants their child to have lots of disease?
    Or would you like your child to be clean,healthy and have a right to education!

    Children are the future and without them we are nothing.
    Do you care for your beloved children?
    If you do,then stop sending them to coal mines,factories because if you send them to factories then they might lose their hair,arms and even bones.

    So I demand a new law and people of Victorian Britain, stop sending your children to worthless jobs.

  13. this is a speech on our Victorian children!
    I Lord Shaftesbury strongly believe that children should not work in factories with machinery more than 10 hours because children were crushed by huge machine’s that were 10 times the size of them. Not to mention that the chemical
    phosphorous caused their teeth to rot and died of lung/breathing problems. 1800 of their fingers were cut of by metal machinery.

    How would you feel if this disaster happened to you? Have you ever tried stepping in their shoes? Some of them don’t even have shoes. Just think about their pain.

    Now on to chimney sweeps. Putting kids over five in the most dangerous place I could ever think of. Did you know that if you forgot about that little child in the chimney and you lit the fire , HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THAT EVEN HAPPENED TO YOU?

    Do you even care about this kids? Do you? I think I stand here with most of the country saying save the children.

  14. Dear Government,
    This will be a speech about how children die in what has been going on in warehouses and factories. do you care about the the dying children if you don’t you are a self obsessed person or go and see for yourself about life in a factory just go and see all the pain and misery they are going through!!!!!!!

    Children should be free if children want to work they should work for 2 hours a day or week!!!!

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