Citizen Nominations

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a pupil nomination for being a good Broad Heath citizen.

There were over 50 pupils nominated – so we must have a lot of super pupils in our school!

I have discussed all the nominations with Mrs Frankish and here are a few people that we feel deserve a little prize for being a great example to others.

Jay Damania (3S) – always tries hard, a good friend.

Haniya Raja (5M) – fair and kind to everyone.

Aliya Khan (6D) – always thinking about others (unselfish).

Sanam Amanzadah (4R) – happy, cheerful and always positive.

Zhengqiao Huang (6D) – faces challenges with a smile.

Muryam Khalid (5M) – super behaviour and excellent example to others.


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  1. And also thank you for Leting me, Aleena dean, Shane o meara and also muhammed aly to go in the radio station. THANK YOU MRS FRANKISH AND GRAHAM.

  2. Thank you Mrs frankish and graham for our prize so much and thank you for buying those bracelets saying respect on it and also thank you Mrs frankish for the chocolates. And merry Christmas:)♡♥

  3. hip hip hooray.Thank you very much for my little prize and I will try my best all the time.Thank you Graham and Mrs. Frankish.Congratulaion to all other nominated citizens.

  4. Hooray congratulations to all who have achieved this little prize and well done to everyone who have tried all their best to achieve it thank you very much to Graham and mrs Frankish .