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Citizenship at Broad Heath

Over the past few weeks Year 6 have been taking part in Citizenship. They have been allocated to go to different classes across the school to help and support with learning. The response from teachers has been positive. This has helped them to work with younger peers and to learn the importance of supporting other’s learning.

It would be lovely to hear what the children think about members of Year 6 supporting their learning?

How have they been a positive influence with the learning?

Have the children enjoyed having Year 6 in their classroom?

How can we make it better for next year?

Thank you for taking the time with supporting Year 6.






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  1. The year 6 helpers 4A have had the pleasure of working with have been beyond brilliant. The year 6’s have been polite, respectful, hardworking and very helpful, many children from 4A look up to these children as great role models and aspire to be as helpful and nuturing as the year 6’s!
    The year 6’s have heard readers, supported newly arrived children, supported children’s learning, helped create class displays and carried out several ICT tasks for the teachers!
    Thank you once again from ALL of 4A! Best of luck in the future :)

  2. The 4 Citizens who have been supporting in 3S the past few weeks have been amazing. Listening to readers, challenging children, supporting in lessons, general tidy up, showing positive attitudes, asking for more jobs to do, smiling and being polite, and last but not least, being super role models. Well done Ayub, Aaliah, Anika and Devontay. 3S would like to say a huge “Thank you!” :)

  3. Our children have been positive role models to our children, they’ve kept the children on task and helped them out when needed. Thank you year 6 for all your help and support.

  4. 1.The year 6 people are kind because they help people in other classes.
    2.They are being positive influences because they:help people, they make people get on with their work and they are a bit like the teacher`s assistant.
    3.Yes, the children do like having the year 6.
    4.We can make it better next year by showing year 6 how we behave and learn so the year 6 can come around the school more often.

  5. 2S have enjoyed having Year 6s in our class because they help us with our work. They are kind to us and are very polite. Vlad has helped us to use the ipads and we enjoy reading to Kashish.