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Class Book Day 3 – 6W

Wow! We have made it to chapter 5 – that was quick! How is everybody doing?

I am loving reading holes, however I am missing the classroom. I am beginning to paint again so that I can pass the time productively! Has anybody else started a new hobbie?

Please answer the e questions in the video down below! Stay smiley 6 White :D

16 thoughts on “Class Book Day 3 – 6W

  1. In my opinion I would not be enjoying life at camp green lake. This is because I personally don’t think that I will be able to survive at that place. There is also extreme sunlight which worsens life at camp green lake and many people are most likely to die.

  2. I would hate being there since every day its boiling and we will be sweting so we will need a bath yet we can’t since there is no water. Also becausewe will not be able to rest and we wouldn’t be allowed to be in the shade so thats my opinion about if i went there.

  3. Your reading was impeccable. Your voice would be great for audible stories :) I would personally not enjoy digging holes as it takes a lot of strength and as a fairly young child, it would be impossible to cope with hot climates such as these. Stanley is also extremely thirst and therefore he is struggling more to concentrate on his work. What makes it even worse is that he knows that something suspicious is going on.

    • You are so charming! Thank you.
      I agree, I think that I would become easily distracted whilst trying to dig for hours! I don’t think that I would continue to work if I was that thirsty.

  4. I wouldn’t enjoy it on Camp Green Lake because I don’t want to dig holes below the hot sun and as well thirsty and because if I fall on the hole how will I get up? and I might die of thirst and I don’t want to be under the hot sun because how about if I faint or get so hot I can’t even hold the shovel! and I’m sure it will take DAYS or even hours to dig a hole, and that’s why I wouldn’t like it in Camp reen Lake

  5. In my opinion I think I wouldn’t like it at all because you are digging massive holes in the ground in a hot drowsy day like that and you would have to be in that state for as long as you are free from camp green lake.

  6. Thank you for reading Miss Vega. I can’t wait for day 4 of Holes. I miss you hope and hope to see you soon. This afternoon , after we had done our work me and my siblings played outside and painted pictures.

    • Also I helped my sisters and did calligraphy writing on there painting. I also wrote some quotes on my panting with the pens. At the top the quote I wrote was “ Stay true , be you , love you”. I wrote “ Happy Vibes” in the middle and at the bottom I wrote “ Live, Love, Laugh”. I did this to inspire myself to think positively.

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