Columbus Weather

As part of our Columbus week we learnt where he went while he was exploring.  We learnt that he left Spain to look for a short cut to India.  He stopped on the way to get food at the Canary Islands.  From there he set off into the unknown.  Eventually he landed at San Salvador.

We made this weather report while learning about some of the places he visited.


How do you think the weather there compares to the weather in Coventry?  Do you think San Salvador is hotter or colder?  Do you think you would like to go there?  Would you swim in the sea?


3 thoughts on “Columbus Weather

  1. Columbus Weather:

    1) The weather in San Salvador is hot, humid and very warm because it near the equator. But the weather in England is not that hot and Coventry is not as much warm as San Salvador.
    2) I think San Salvador is hot.
    3) Yes I would like to go to holiday, because its warmer and there is a lot of beaches you can visits.
    4) I would be very careful because in the water there could be sharks and jellyfish. So you should be very careful.

  2. fink siladun is hot.
    i fink i should go there.
    christiqher columbus had three boats. they are called nina pinta and santamaria.
    he thought he was going to the west indies but he went to America.
    he got food and brought them back home.

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