Commando Joe works with 2 Blue

We are very lucky in Year 2 this term as we have Commando Joe working with us in PSHE lessons. This week Commando Joe talked to us about our School and classroom rules, as well as encouraging us to think about how we make other people feel welcome and how we respect others. We played lots of different ball games where we needed to work as a team in order to succeed and win the game.

What was your favourite part of the afternoon and why?

How would you make someone new to the class feel welcome?

Why is teamwork important?

8 thoughts on “Commando Joe works with 2 Blue

  1. It was so fun to have Comando Joe.
    I will ask him to play with me and he can be my friend.
    Teamwork is important because you we learn from each other.

  2. The children had a great afternoon with commando Joe. The children learnt some good team building skills. Commando Joe stood in the middle of the circle and encourage the children to work together to keep the ball in the inner circle. If the ball went out of the circle, children were out of the game and as the circle got smaller the harder the game became.

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