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Comment on Digital Artists

Below are some examples of digital art by a selection of artists. They have used digital software to produce the images, but have used the same artistic skills as traditional artists have. Look through the artists and comment on your favourite. Why is it your favourite? Can you research some information about the artist?

Bram Vanhaeren

Digital illustrator Bram Vanhaeren is currently working as art director and design lead for KBC Bank and Insurance. This talented artist’s portfolio is overflowing with gorgeous black and white and colour digital illustrations to inspire you. 

Alberto Seveso 

The portfolio of digital artist Alberton Seveso is awe-inspiring. With multiple pages of stunning digital images, there really is something here for everyone. A master of Photoshop, Seveso has created artwork for brands including Sony, Bacardi and Nikon to name a few.

Tom Lewis

The ideas for characters come from a mixture of random doodling and a fascination with really weird people. Both of which became obsessions whilst working part time in an Arts and Crafts shop to fund his painting habit. The background accompanying each character forms part of the epic story that lives inside Tom’s head. It is constantly evolving, and has the unfortunate ability to make him laugh out loud in public. 

Tom works with a variety of techniques and processes to achieve the end result, be it a Giclee print, canvas or digital file. Usually starting with a pencil, he uses marker pens, biros, acrylic paint, aerosol cans, airbrushes, varnish, cardboard, digital camera, computer and fingers. Though not necessarily in that order.

Marta Dahlig

Marta is a long-standing Deviant Artist. She is 22 and from Poland.  Her series of the seven deadly sins are pure perfection and a must see for any aspiring digital painter.

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is an American graphic designer. His designs include the I love NY logo, the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster, and the Brooklyn Brewery logo.

52 thoughts on “Comment on Digital Artists

  1. illustrator & Digital Photographer Alberto Seveso was born in Milan, he grow up in Sardinia but is now working and living in Bristol (UK) as a freelancer. His passion for graphic art started when he was in a young age and he was really fascinated by the graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands in the early ‘90s. From this passion he started to create his artworks.

    He has worked on high profile brands like: adobe, Nikon, Sony, Technicolor, Sony Music, Mayr Melnhof, Olmeca Tequila, National Geographic, PlayBoy Magazine, GQ Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Ford, Nature, New Scientist, Penguin Books, Burton Snowboards, Disney, Terry Bicycles, Island Music, Bacardi, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Triwa, Gaiam, Warner Music, Feevale Universidade and many more.

  2. Tom Lewis is a professional golfer from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. In 2009, Lewis won the Boys Amateur Championship at Royal St George’s. In 2010, he lost to Peter O’Malley in a playoff for the New South Wales Open, and then tied for 12th place at the Australian Open. Wikiped

  3. I think it look realistic but I will try to draw them into the computer.
    And it looks nice the picture I think I will never can dray them.

  4. Alberto Seveso because he has created digital arts for different companies and he seems like he is helpful and he could possibly earned money from what he has done

  5. I liked Vanhaeren because it is a nice picture and it has loads of variety of colours
    and it is digital art also,I liked amazing artwork because it is a masterpiece and it is a perfect artworks and it is so nice they are very good and some of the masterpieces and they are really really nice

  6. Tom Lewis painting is dark and old -styled.I think it’s made on a computer so it’s digital art.I like his painting because it’s real-life.

  7. By Ryan,Marcel and Hasan
    1.I like Brams painting because it is in different parts .
    I like Brams painting because it has a variety of colours.
    I like Brams painting because it is picollaged.

  8. Shahzaib
    I like Bram Vanhaeren‘s picture because it is very colourful and it looks very realistic . It is also very good because it is very energetic and appealing I think this because it even has the company’s and the proper team . It looks like a real
    Basketball player !

    I like Alberto Seveso’s because it is colourful and appealing

  9. I liked Vanhaeren picture because he makes it luminous and makes it look real because he is about to shoot in the net and the artist made the background the right colour.

    Adam and Oliwier

  10. I liked Vanhaeren art work because he used a variety of colours and I didn’t know that people can use computers for art. I think that I love his work and I like his work and I love basketball.

  11. Tom Lewis is painting is so colourful because it has a lot of colours in it and it is digital art.And it was made because someone took a photo and put colours on it and edit it that’s how it was made.

  12. I liked Vanhaeran’s computer art work because it’s creative and imaginative I also like it because it’s my second favourite sport and my favourite player. It was just taken in a remarkable moment and its brilliant for the computer art work and that’s why I like it.

  13. I like the basketball one because is looks like a a time were they just screen shot it and then sketched then they coloured it with a variety of beautiful colours. It also looks really neat because they didn’t sketch really really hard and they painted it over the sketcking. Vanhaeren has some excellent sketching which I like so much.

  14. Alberto Seveso’s painting is colorful,bright and my theory of how they made it is that is when he was going to goal they took a photo then put it on a computer then edited it with colours.

  15. My favourite picture was 3 third one because it has a variety of different styles and colours and looks cute and amazing while the girl is holding the big red Chinese

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