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  1. Community bis important to me because if there wasn’t a community there wouldn’t be a team. I f there wasn’t a team noone would ever get very far in life.

  2. Community is important to me because if we didn’t have a community it won’t be a team. (We all learn about communities in our classrooms.

  3. Community is so important because children in broad Heath help others and help them to gain. All children respect adults and always put there hand up and don’t shout out. Also sit down quietly and don’t neel down. 3j thank you.

  4. Community Assembly:

    Community is important because we can help each other and support each other. Community is also important because we can learn from each other. We can also learn from other community within the foleshill area and other surrounding areas.

    This allows us to respect each other and also learn about there communities. we are all part of a family community at school, we have many ethnic background, but the school rule is to respect, understand and follow.

  5. I can do better than my last comment.
    Being involved in a community of family,friends, relations and neghibours is important in the growth of children.

    Community gives children support, a sense of belonging is a strong sense of self and a sense of connection.

    Without being part of a community children soon feel isolated and alone, has a felling of unworthiness feels like an empty stomach and starved love, that is why community is important to me!

  6. As a community, we work together to solve situations such as, litter. Instead of leaving litter on the floor for the litter pickers, we can put it in the bin or recycle the litter. It is better to work as a team so we all gain from each other and we get the jobs done. This means as a community we help everyone and that’s why community is important to me.

    • I agree that working together is a big part of being in a community. Even the smallest things we can do for one another can be a big help when everyone works as a team!

  7. Community is important to me because we work all together as a team and creates happyness thought the school .If we did not we will not lean how to share or be kind. we work together because we can learn how to like your neighbours and also help the community. The school is important because we gain from each other.

  8. Community is important because you share and give trust to other people. Because a community works together as a team to offer support. Community rocks!

  9. In order for a particular neighbourhood or area to succeed, community must exist. There must be people willing to support the local businesses, rally around local leaders and spend time as a group to ensure the neighbour well being. Without a community, your area is just another place to live. A house on a plot of land and nothing else. The web is no different. In order for any business or website to succeed, it must have a community of readers, influencers, movers and shakers.Community is important because it build relationships and generates trust.Everyone needs people who encourage, listen to and cry with them. Community offers several valuable gifts that combine to improve our emotional state, relationships and quality of life.

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